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Cancer Strategy #2:  Acidic pH Levels Lead To Cancer...
Normalizing pH Levels Can Stop Cancer In Its Tracks

There is plenty of research showing that cancer thrives in an acidic environment, and doesn't survive in an normal, more alkaline environment. Cancer cells make your body even more acidic as they produce lactic acid. So if you have cancer, your pH levels are low and your body is too acidic.

Taking action to make your body more alkaline is vital in the battle against cancer. Unfortunately...

The majority of the foods and drinks we consume are acidic, such as meat, grains and sugar, with colas and other soft drinks being highly acidic. So unless you have been eating a very healthy diet, full of fresh fruit and vegetables, your body is way too acidic. Creating a very good environment for cancer to grow in.

Actually, too much acidity is an underlying factor in many degenerative diseases -- diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. A basic maxim of natural physicians is: Balance the bio terrain. Do this first, then everything can come back to normal.

Taking medicines or supplements while your body is highly acidic is a bit like washing dishes in a sink of dirty water, even when you put in plenty of soap, you can't get the dishes clean.

According to Keiichi Morishita in his book, Hidden Truth of Cancer, when your blood starts to become acidic, your body deposits acidic substances (usually toxins) into cells to allow the blood to remain slightly alkaline. This causes your cells to become more acidic and toxic, which results in a decrease of their oxygen levels, and harms their DNA and respiratory enzymes.

Over time, he theorizes, these cells increase in acidity and some die. These dead cells themselves turn into acids. However, some of these acidified cells may adapt in that environment. In other words, instead of dying - as normal cells do in an acid environment - some cells survive by becoming abnormal cells.

These abnormal cells are called malignant cells. Malignant cells do not correspond with brain function nor with our own DNA memory code. Therefore, malignant cells grow indefinitely and without order. This is cancer.

As you can see, he is describing, from a different point of view, the process by which low oxygen levels turn some cells cancerous. Alkaline water (including the water in cells) holds a lot of oxygen. Acidic water holds very little oxygen. So the more acidic your cells are, the less oxygenated they will be. To make matters worse, the fermentation process cancer cells use to produce energy creates lactic acid, further increasing acidity and reducing oxygen levels.

Sang Whang, in his book Reverse Aging, points out that toxins are acidic. If your blood is too acidic, toxins will not be released from your cells into the blood. So your cells can't be detoxified. This buildup of toxins in your cells results in acidic, poorly oxygenated cells, which can turn cancerous. He explains,

"In general, degenerative diseases are the result of acid waste buildups within us. When we are born, we have the highest alkaline mineral concentration and also the highest body pH. From that point on, the normal process of life is to gradually acidify. That is why these degenerative diseases do not occur when you are young. Reverse aging requires two separate steps: chemical and physical. The first step is to lower the acidity of the body so that it can dispose of acidic wastes in the blood and cellular fluids safely and easily. The second step is to physically pull out old stored wastes into the blood stream so that they can be discharged from the body."

There is a long history of reversing cancer simply by alkalinizing the body. It is one of the basic strategies in the battle against cancer and for improving your health in general.

Virtually everyone with cancer has low pH levels. This is because cancer is created, and thrives, in a body that has low pH levels, a body that is acidic. Low pH causes your body to store more toxins in cells, and reduces oxygen levels, both of which are fundamental to the development of cancer. When cancer cells grow, they produce even more acid. Making it very difficult to raise pH levels, especially when cancer is present.

When you take something to increase pH levels, your cells notice the difference and start to dump some of the toxins they are holding back into the bloodstream now that they have a chance to get rid of them. (Toxins are acidic and the cells won't release them if the blood is too acidic. The blood must be kept in a narrow range around neutral pH.) Because the cells are releasing some of their stored toxins, your pH levels drop again. This detoxification process can take months to complete. In addition, because cancer cells pump out lactic acid as a byproduct of how they produce energy, they create even more acidity. You need to work a long time at normalizing pH because of these factors, but as you do, you will make your body, in a sense, cancer proof.

Because of the fundamentalness of cancer thriving in too acidic conditions, there are many sites and books or ebooks promoting various ways to beat cancer by alkalizing the body with their particular product suggestions. Coral calcium and alkaline water machines are a couple that have been pretty popular. Also a combination of oxygen catalyst drops and a high quality green drink. So it can get a bit confusing as to what the best thing to do would be. For a while, as some of the more important cancer fighting suggestions like Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ did work to increase pH levels, our primary suggestion was to drink 3 teaspoons of baking soda in water every day. Its virtue being that it is inexpensive to do so why not do it. But as pH is so fundamental to fighting cancer, we did some energetic testing to get some idea as to which ways to increase pH levels in your body were best for fighting cancer. The results were pretty interesting.

Alkaline drops, where you put a couple in everything you drink, tested at a low 35. Not very good, perhaps because they are not that healthy a thing to be doing. Getting a machine that makes alkaline water, and drinking the water tested at 135. A machine that vortex's water, oxygenates it and adds minerals to increase pH is a bit better at 195. They are certainly fine to do, but not what you'd call really good. The 3 teaspoons of baking soda in water every day was a 142. Taking Coral Calcium was better, a 235 for fighting cancer. A high quality green drink marketed for alkalizing the body came in at a 214. For adjusting pH only, Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is a 235 when used in the quantities suggested for cancer.

OxyDHQ tests energetically, for its pH adjusting ability, at 345, virtually tied with the Oxygen Catalyst used for adjusting pH, which comes in at 346. (OxyDHQ tests much higher for fighting cancer, 1080, because the oxygen it creates also does an especially good job of killing cancer cells. Overall for fighting cancer, the Oxygen Catalyst comes in at 200, it doesn't do as good a job at fighting cancer as at adjusting pH levels.)

One of the best supplements we have found for fighting cancer works in a unique way that increases pH in your body if you have cancer. But only if you have cancer.

It instructs cancer cells to stop pumping the lactic acid they produce (as part of the fermentation process) into the body. And they produce a lot of lactic acid. This lactic acid, when it is pumped out, acidifies your body. Using BLA helps to alkalize your body as it stops the cancer cells from pumping out the lactic acid.

By the way, if your cancer is in the lungs or stomach, and there is a lot of itt, the cancer may eliminate so much lactic acid in a confined space that the body produces fluid to dilute the acidic buildup. Causing ascites or fluid buildup in these organs. BLA and MC² do an excellent job of reducing and eventually eliminating ascites.

BLA Elixir - ( Blocks Lactic Acid)

BLA is a frequency enhanced water elixir made with a new and powerful hexagonal technology that concentrates and stabilizes specific energies the earth itself produces. These energies deliver an information message to your body. BLA uses these energies to give your body specific instructions telling it to block the effluxion or elimination of lactic acid from all cancer cells.

What users are finding is that it takes a few days for BLA to stop the elimination of lactic acid from cancer cells. Once this happens, the lactic acid starts to build up in the cancer cell. Cancer cells produce a lot of lactic acid as it is a byproduct of the sugar fermentation they do to make energy. When this lactic acid accumulates in the cancer cells, it makes the cancer cells too acidic. So acidic eventually that the cells die a natural death.

This process is the exact opposite of trying to kill cancer cells by increasing pH levels. It is much more effective because it uses what the cancer cells produce, acid, to kill the cells, as opposed to trying to make their pH more alkaline, with alkaline minerals, alkaline water and so on. This process is slower and less effective because cancer cells naturally neutralize this pH buildup with their acid production. (All cells, including cancer cells, die if they either get too alkaline or too acidic.)

So to explain again, cancer cells produce energy almost entirely by fermentation, breaking down sugars, as opposed to aerobically producing energy with oxygen. This fermentation process produces lactic acid as a byproduct. When you stop the elimination of lactic acid with BLA, it builds up in the cancer cell. At some point the lactic acid builds up to an amount that the cancer cells become so acidic they can no longer function, and die a natural death.

The buildup of lactic acid works amazingly well for causing cancer cells to die a natural death -- fast.

One researcher, Dr. Rosenberg, MD, a leading cancer doctor, using a different process to block the lactic acid pumps in cancer cells, fed a patient a huge amount of sugar by giving him glucose IVs once he knew the pumps were blocked. Feeding cancer cells in this way caused them to produce much more lactic acid then they normally would. In fact, the more sugar he gave his patient, the faster the cancer cells died because the lactic acid built up faster in the cells. He brought the tumor markers in one advanced cancer patient down to 0 in 30 days. A second patient's markers dropped 40% in 2 weeks. Truly amazing results.

BLA is producing some WOW results too when users consume a great deal of honey or some healthy sugar while using it. Any sugar will work, it is just that refined sugars tend to wipe out the immune system response, so natural sugars are better. Twenty tablespoons a day is the optimal amount for an adult.

Typically when BLA is used and someone is not loading up on honey or some other sugar, it takes a good three months for the lactic acid to build up enough to knock out a lot of cancer cells. If someone is diabetic, they may need to take this long as high sugar intake could cause problems. However, if you can load up on the sugar/glucose/honey, results can be very fast.

Dean Edmonds reported that his PSA had been rising every month, from 940.6 in February of 2011 to 3778.7 on May 11, 2011. This was when he stated using BLA, a couple of other supplements, and honey. On June 7, 2011, less than a month later, his PSA test came in at 77.

Another user writes:

You will know that I started taking [BLA, Custom Elixir pH and Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ] some 7 weeks ago. My local doctor is fully aware of what I am doing and is being very supportive. I had my blood tested at that time ( 7 weeks ago). At that time all my liver functions were normal apart from the tumour marker which showed a level of over 11.000 (eleven thousand) My blood was re-checked last week and yesterday my doctor advised me  of the results. The tumour marker had reduced dramatically to 1400 ( fourteen hundred ) back down to the level when the cancer was diagnosed some 12 months ago....
You should be aware that I have undertaken three separate chemo treatments already none of which showed any improvement in the tumour marker, as I said above it actually increased!
I should probably add that my doctor was totally astounded by the results!!

Len S.

Feeding cancer cells sugar in order to kill them is the exact opposite of what you should be doing if you are fighting cancer without BLA.

If you are not using BLA, you must avoid consuming foods like sugar that feed the cancer. But when you are using BLA, so that the lactic acid pumps have been blocked or shut down, the additional lactic acid that is produced by the cancer cells when you feed them sugar stays in the cancer cells. The faster you increase levels of lactic acid, by feeding them sugars, the faster the cancer cells die a natural death.

With the addition of PrugX and MC² to be used along with BLA, it is no longer necessary to consume extra sugar or carbs to speed up the results, to increase lactic acid production so that the cells die faster. So if you are hesitant about adding sugars and carbohydrates to your diet when using BLA, there is no need to as long as you also take PrugX and MC².

BLA raises overall body pH levels too.

When the cancer cells have stopped pumping out the lactic acid they produce, your pH levels naturally will start to decrease. One Naturopath tested BLA on 10 of her patients with advanced cancer. At the end of two months every one had increased their overall pH levels significantly, most by at least .75, some by a full point or by .5.

In addition the CA markers all went down, most around 20% decrease, one was 10%, another 25%.

No bad, but the decrease would have been much larger if high doses of honey had also been used. Again, it takes around 3 months for the lactic acid levels to rise sufficiently to cause cancer cells to die when you are not loading up on the honey or some other sweetener.

The energetic testing on BLA's ability to fight cancer is about as good as it gets with our current scale: 14.400. If you are also using PrugX and MC² as they work synergistically with BLA, and want to speed up it's action, five tablespoons a day of honey or other sugars or carbohydrates is all you need to add into your diet..

PrugX, MC², OxyDHQ, Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ and Custom Elixir pH work synergistically with BLA. PrugX and MC² are the most important, followed by Zeolite Enhanced with /DHQ, and then OxyDHQ. (Do not use zeolite or OxyDHQ if your cancer is causing pain or dysfunction as these will also be killing the cancer cells.)

PrugX is a sister elixir to BLA covered in the anti-oxidant section. It tells cancer cells to stop releasing hydrogen peroxide, which they produce and release on a continuous basis in order to damage nearby healthy cells. When you use both PrugX and BLA, cancer cells experience a buildup of both lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide and die that much faster. Our energetic testing on this combination makes it the most powerful cancer fighting duo we have ever tested -- coming in at 30,300 when honey and other sweeteners are used to feed the cancer cells to increase lactic acid production. If you don't feed the cancer cells, PrugX and BLA are still extremely powerful, testing at 26,200. Much higher than any other cancer fighting procedures or medicines or supplements we have tested.

Do Not Use: OCMP, Baking Soda, alkaline water, MSM, other mineral alkalizing supplements like coral calcium, if you are using BLA. These alkalize cancer cells which would neutralize the acid buildup in the cancer cells that BLA causes, and thus would be protecting the cancer cells from the acidosis BLA causes. Fortunately, this next supplement, even though it helps the body adjust pH levels, works synergistically with BLA. Fortunate because it is the next most important cancer fighter after PrugX and BLA.

  MC² (MC Squared)

Add on MC² to BLA and PrugX for the strongest cancer fighting combination we have ever tested.

MC stands for Micro Clustered. It is a micro structured, pH balanced and geometry guided frequency enhanced water elixir. MC² was developed to micro-cluster the water in your body so that it can better carry nutrients into your cells and carry more toxins out of your cells. It's micro-clustering ability is significantly greater than any other micro-clustering technology or micro clustered water we have tested, and provides many health benefits from this micro clustering alone. First and foremost is its ability to hydrate your cells. Chronic cellular dehydration is a condition that almost everyone with cancer has. Like an acidic pH, it helps to set the conditions in your body that allow cancer to flourish.

But what makes it a powerful cancer fighter is the following.

In testing done at an independent lab, it was found to have a very low hertz reading of 46. A low hertz energy vibration like this disrupts and causes all cancer cells and pathogens to die a natural death -- while at the same time supporting the health of all normal cells and friendly bacteria. It is a stronger cancer fighter than a pathogen killer. MC² is testing to be the third strongest cancer fighter I have tested. Use 1 bottle a month for maintenance, and 2 per month for therapeutic use. More is not needed.

On its own, MC² tests at 12,800 for fighting cancer. If you use it along with PrugX and BLA, the combination of all three test at 35,400 for fighting cancer when you are NOT using any additional honey or sweeteners to speed up the action of BLA. These three test at 41,500 when you are also using honey or other concentrated sweeteners while taking BLA.

Use 2 bottles a month for early stage cancers and basic advanced cancers. Use 3 bottles a month of MC² when you need to be more aggressive.

Like OCMP below, MC² is one of the most important supplements to use or to continue using once your cancer is gone. By adjusting the cellular environment to one that does not lead to the creation of cancer, it is a powerful cancer prevention agent also.

OCMP - Optimize Cell Membrane Potential (OCMP) To Kill Cancer - Enhance Strength, Energy and Recovery  
Boosting the Cell Membrane Potential (helping the walls of the cells work better) optimizes cellular chemistry and increases cell efficiency. This improves:

Cellular protection and fortification by preventing toxins and pathogens from entering cells.
Cell repair and recovery by increasing nutrient flow and access into cells.
Cell hygiene and detoxification by speeding waste transfer and elimination of toxins from cells. 

The key factors influencing the ability of cell walls to uptake oxygen and other nutrients, and to eliminate toxins, are positive and negative ion concentrations inside and outside the cell walls. These ions work together creating “electrical gradients” within our tissues. These gradients are what keep cell membranes strong and determine how well our cells and nerves function.  

The key elements or ions involved are sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), chloride (Cl–), and calcium (Ca2+). These four elements are found in abundance in almost every diet but are often severely imbalanced at a cellular level. Increasing their intake does not automatically improve Cell Membrane Potential. Indeed in many cases, CMP may actually decrease with mineral supplementation.  

The proprietary OCMP formulation is doctor designed to provide therapeutic levels of what we call the ionic gatekeeper nutrients. Among these; high levels of bio-available magnesium is key. Zinc, chromium, manganese, lithium and germanium also contribute. These elements help spark the production and release of calcium and chloride ions, processes essential to continued robust health because they insure that toxins will be better eliminated from your cells, and that nutrients including oxygen will be better absorbed.

This process is fundamental to the prevention of cancer, in addition to being vital for overall health. What makes OCMP such a powerful cancer fighter is that it is able to literally alkalize cancer cells, killing them much more effectively than even alkalizers like Cesium Chloride can do because it is able to drive more minerals into the cancer cells. Thus its high healing power of 8200 in our energetic testing. Better still, when compared to Cesium, it contributes to the health and well being of every cell in your body. However, like Cesium and other alkalizers, it would interfere with the action of BLA. And as BLA has a much stronger action against cancer, use it rather than OCMP. OCMP can be used to adjust the cellular environment once your cancer is gone -- along with MC². To keep it from coming back.

Further, OCMP enhances the cells’ methylation capacity and nutritionally supports mood elevation. Daily use will positively contribute to the detoxification process and help protect the cells and brain from mercury and other neuro toxins. It augments the body’s natural pain-relief and stress recovery processes. OCMP is also a premium anti-aging nutraceutical which, through the individual and synergistic action of its ingredients, may strongly assist in the recovery of youthful function in organs, joints and skin.  

Includes therapeutic levels of: Magnesium (chelated, ionic and soluble), TriMethylGlycine (cellular repair and protection), N-Acetyl Glucosamine (intestinal, joint and skin repair and protection), Germanium 132 (cellular oxygen utilization), with supporting levels of organic lithium, selenium, zinc, iodide, vitamins and a full range of trace minerals and absorption assisting cofactors.

Custom Elixir pH

This powerful but unique energetic elixir uses a different approach to helping the body adjust pH levels. It contains vibrational frequencies that have been captured by the water in it, and stabilized to remain in the water. These energetic frequencies fundamentally communicate instructions to the cells in your body when you take it. In the case of Custom Elixir pH, the message communicated gives instructions that optimize the kidneys' ability to eliminate acidic waste. Even more significant in helping to adjust the pH levels in the body, the kidneys are also instructed to neutralize excess acidity by adjusting the balance of salts inside and outside cells. Salts neutralize acids, and by adjusting these salts, more acids can be neutralized, and pH increased. 820. Use 2 or 3 bottles monthly. A\ain, the combination of OCMP and Custom Elixir pH is a powerful cancer fighter as they work together synergistically to fight cancer. 2920

pH Balancer 8.0

As mentioned above, this is the next best body alkalizer we have found coming in at 499 in the energetic testing. The proprietary formulation of herbs, minerals and amino acids in pH Balancer 8.0 include: L-Taurine, Hawthorne Berry, Safflower, Wasabi Japonica, Wild Cherry, Allium Cepa, Barberry, Bilberry, Cinnamon, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Turmeric, Cayenne, Wood Betony, Dioscorea, Pleurisy, Potassium, Fritillaria, and Magnesium. There is no one particular ingredient that is the key to its effectiveness. It is the particular combination in the right quantities that makes it work so well. In addition, as it is often important to reduce inflammation when fighting cancer, you get its ability to do so as an additional benefit.

There are 90 tablets per bottle. As with most supplements you take more for an advanced cancer than for an early stage cancer because you have more cancer to deal with so you need to be more vigorous in your approach to dealing with it.

For an early stage cancer, consider using 3 bottles a month, for advanced cancer get 4 bottles for a month's supply, and if trying to reverse an end stage cancer, go up to 5 bottles for a months supply. They can be taken with meals or on an empty stomach.

How to Reduce or Perhaps Even Stop Ascites and other Fluid Build-up

Ascites is a buildup of water and fluid in the stomach or lungs caused by cancer. Usually a lot of cancer. It is one of the tougher issues to have if you've got cancer. And there hasn't been a whole lot to do about it, other than getting fluid drawn when the stomach or lungs get too full. And of course, knocking out that cancer. Although, killing the cancer may be one of the causes leading to ascites or fluid buildup in other parts of the body, edema. Dr. Hamer, the oncologist mentioned in the Psychological section of this report, mentioned in an article how this fluid buildup frequently occurs when you are killing off the cancer.

The fundamental reason this accumulation of fluid occurs has to do with acidity. Thus, we discuss it here in the pH section. There is so much acid being produced by the cancer, or by the killing off of the cancer cells, which produces acidic waste, that the body dilutes this acid buildup with fluid. The buildup is so acidic, it would be harmful if it was not diluted. So your body produces fluid to dilute the acid in an attempt to protect itself. Sometimes it is a poorly functioning liver that is the reason the body can't get rid of the acids -- which can include chemo toxins. Sometimes a poorly functioning kidney. Sometimes there is just too much acid for an poorly functioning detox system to handle.

The acid either comes from the metabolic waste of a large amount of cancer cells, as they produce energy using lactic acid fermentation. Other times the acid is from the dead cancer cells which are toxic and acid, on top of the acid that the live cancer cells are producing.

What To Do

There are two actions to take that are vital to stop this production of fluid. It has to do with you preventing the acidic buildup.

First: Take 6 bottles a month of BLA. It will tell the cancer cells to stop pumping out the lactic acid.

Next use MC². It will work with BLA to reduce the acid buildup. Fortunately, as these are two of the top three testing supplements to use when fighting cancer, you may be using them already. If not, you need to be. Use 3 bottles a month.

Several other supplements would be very good to also use, though not near as important as these first two are. They are:

UltraLiver12 for liver support when you don't have to avoid swelling and inflammation. It does kill cancer cells. Many times it is the liver's inability to handle toxins, especially chemotherapy, that cause ascites in the abdomen. Use 3 bottles a month.

Nymsar is also for liver support, and would be used in you must avoid increased inflammation and swelling of tumors. Use 4 bottles a month.

Custom Elixir pH. It will better enable your body to control the removal of these acids, and make sure this influx of alkaline material into your body gets handled correctly. Use high doses in this case, 8 bottles a month. This comes in a 2 ounce dropper bottle and is a liquid, so this is easy to take. You do need to take it 20 or more minutes away from supplements, food and the baking soda and juice mix. Take the BLA at the same time as this.

OxyDHQ would speed up the process. Use 5 bottles monthly. OxyDHQ is a powerful cancer killer, so if you have bone cancer or tumors anywhere where the swelling of the tumor would cause pain or dysfunction, don't use. The immune system uses inflammation to get rid of killed cancer cells, and this swells up tumors.