Updated on February 9, 2022 3:26 PM

If Modern Medicine Has Failed You

It’s got to be tough. First you found out that you have this dreaded killer of a disease. Then you did all that your doctor tells you to do. You got cut, poisoned, or burned. Or all three. Your cancer gets better. Then worse. Now your doctor’s told you there’s nothing more to do, to go home and make the best of what’s left of your life.

There’s one thing you’ve got to understand.

There may be nothing more your doctors can do for you, but this doesn’t mean there’s nothing else that can be done.

Modern medicine fights cancer with one hand tied behind it’s back because it refuses to make use of anything other than surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy to fight cancer. Ignoring totally and thus not supporting your body’s ability to fight cancer. Not seeing that your body needs support because after a lifetime of successfully killing cancer cells, it has weakened to the point that cancer has the upper hand.

You can do better. You’ve still got a chance to beat your cancer because you can take effective action to both support your body and help it fight the cancer. You can kill the cancer with potent supplements that your doctors don’t use because they aren’t drugs. There is a lot you can do.

With many types of aggressive cancers, and with virtually all advanced cancers where surgery is not an option, the treatments that your oncologists and doctors use work very poorly.

This is the reason that even if there is just a bit of cancer, oncologists are eager to surgically remove breasts, prostates, ovaries, and any other organ that can be removed without killing you. They know chemotherapy and radiation do a lousy job of eliminating cancer, even early stage cancers, so the best option they have is to cut it out.

Unfortunately, modern medicine may have failed you in even this.

Failure To Deal With The Causes Of Cancer

Your local organic farmer may have a better understanding of cancer than your oncologist.

The modern, conventional farmer grows crops on poor nutrient deficient soil lacking minerals, depleted of soil based organisms that have been killed by pesticides and herbicides, without any of the things that make a soil live and fertile. So what happens? The crop is, of course, weak and easily invaded by pests.

So the farmer sprays pesticides on the crop to kill the pests. But because the crop remains weak as the soil is still poor, the pests and weeds come back. So repeated pesticide or herbicide sprayings are required to grow the crop.

On the other hand, the organic farmer focuses on building up the soil so that the crops are strong and are better able to resist pests and weeds. Pest and weed control may be used, but it is natural and does not harm the soil.

In addition, it doesn’t poison the food so that the consumers of that food develop cancer after years of eating it.

It’s the same process with cancer. Modern conventional treatment looks at cancer like a pest and uses surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to try and deal with it. Just like the modern farmer, they do this repeatedly as the cancer comes back again and again.

Neither modern farming or modern medicine make sense.

They fail to deal with the fundamental underlying causes that lead to the development of cancer or pests. They do next to nothing to improve the health of your body or the soil. Just as pesticides and herbicides make the soil worse, chemotherapy and radiation therapy make your health even worse.

Where pesticides and herbicides are used, the pests and weeds eventually develop into super-weeds and super bugs. The same thing happens with your cancer. It comes back tougher and more aggressive the second and third time around.

You may have gotten rid of your cancer via surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, but if you didn’t taken matters in your own hands and improve your diet and whatever else it takes to get you body back in good shape, the cancer, most of the time, comes back.

It may take 6 months, it may take 2 years, or longer, but unless you’ve taken charge of your health, back it comes.

The treadmill of repeated cycles of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, poisoning you and burning you, makes your body more toxic and wipes out your immune system even more.

At first your liver might have been working well enough to handle the chemotherapy toxins, so that you didn’t experience bad side-effects from the chemo. The second or third series of chemotherapy, however, usually overwhelms your liver with toxins, so that they build up in your body and you feel lousy or worse.

At some point you can become so nauseous that you can’t hold any food down.

This is completely unnecessary. For it is possible to support you body in such a way that it can better deal with the side effects of chemotherapy.

It is also possible to support your body to such an extent that you can beat your cancer and keep it gone, with or without chemotherapy. It’s possible when you focus on dealing with....

The Fundamental Causes of Cancer

In a recent article published online at nature.com, researchers reported that they examined tissue from hundreds of Egyptian mummies and found only one incidence of cancer.

Even studies of thousands of Neanderthal bones provided only one possible incident of cancer. Meaning that cancers were very rare back then.

These days cancer has surpassed heart disease as the top killer among Americans aged 45 to 74. The conclusion of the article was:

“There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer. So it has to be a man-made disease, down to pollution and changes to our diet and lifestyle.”

It is just this that modern medicine avoids. There is no money in it.

Instead they focus on:

  • Toxic chemotherapy that further poisons you.
  • Surgeries that can reduce the quality of your life.
  • Radiation that burns you.

If you want to greatly improve your chances of beating cancer, you need to take charge of:

  • Changing your lifestyle.
  • Improving your cellular environment.
  • Supporting your immune system.

You’ve got to take charge because your doctors do not.

Chemotherapy does such a poor job of killing cancer, you need to also use safe and natural supplements that hit the cancer even harder than chemotherapy does. Your oncologist is not likely to recommend these or even know of them. This is not what they are trained in.

So it’s your job. Because it is your life.

Modern Medicine Takes Your Time Away

Early stage cancers can always be defeated if you take charge and make the right choices. Using....

There are many ways to help your body knock out cancer.

Even Stage 4 advanced cancers can be beat if you have enough time and hit the cancer hard. You have to be more vigorous, you have to bring more of the good guys to the party. To make your army bigger and stronger than the cancer army.

You lost something valuable if you just did what your doctor told you to do. You lost....


When your cancer was discovered, there wasn’t as much of it as there is now. And your body was stronger because it hadn’t been poisoned by chemotherapy and stressed by surgeries or radiation. Your likelihood of beating cancer was much higher then.

Many people don’t look for alternatives until their doctor finally tells them there is nothing more they can do. That they are going to die.

At this point it becomes more difficult to climb back to health. It can be done, but it is harder to accomplish, and the odds of success are less.

Just because your doctor tells you that you are going to die, doesn’t mean that your cancer can’t be beat.

It is an accurate assessment on the doctor’s part that what they have to offer is not going to work. But because traditional medicine works so poorly in dealing with cancer, its inability to eliminate the cancer does not mean that you can’t eliminate it. You just can’t beat it with what they were doing.

It may be that your health is so degraded by the ravages of cancer and chemotherapy that you will die. It may be that your soul is ready to move on. But if you follow the suggestions in this report, you have a much greater chance of success than you may know.

The top supplements suggested in this report seem to be able to hit cancer more effectively than chemotherapy does. Without causing damage to your body, and in fact, supporting the health of your body.

Given that you are reading this report, if you follow through with action you have a much higher possibility of beating cancer. No matter what your doctor says.

If you have enough time.

Time is what your doctors take away from you when they fail to suggest that you search out and use supporting natural supplements to work in conjunction whatever they do for you.

You lose time because your chances of success are much higher when your cancer is in an earlier stage, or even stage 4 if you haven’t had multiple rounds of chemotherapy poisoning your body.

You could still have taken the chemotherapy. But if you had used the best natural supplements to help reduce the side effects of the chemotherapy, you’d be in much better shape. With the unique and powerful cancer fighters we uncover for you in this report, you wouldn’t have likely needed so much chemotherapy because your cancer would have been beaten sooner.

Plus it wouldn’t have come back time and again.

We’ve talked with people given only a few days to live who started on some of the supplements recommended in this report. They beat their cancer.

Others didn’t. But most often, their quality of life was much higher than it would have been otherwise. Less pain, or no pain at all, up and about to the end. And they lived longer. It’s no wonder.

When you support your body with the right supplements, when you attack the cancer with the best cancer fighting supplements that do not harm the body, you are giving your body a chance to beat the cancer.

This report will educate you about the causes of cancer, and give you plenty of ideas about what you can do to get rid of your cancer. Including what to take to support your body if you are in bad shape.

Better still, we search out and tell you about the best cancer fighting supplements there are. Including many new ones that do not yet have wide distribution. And let you know which ones are the best for your situation. The Protocosl link at the bottom of the left column of links will even give you a list of the most important products to consider for a particular type of cancer.

Don’t give up hope. Once you read this report, you will realize there is much that can still be done to beat your cancer. Even a very advanced cancer. If you take action.