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Cancer Killers

Powerful Cancer Killing Supplements
Including Silver GlucoPlus, Alka Super C
and Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ

On this page we'll cover strong cancer cell killers that won't harm your healthy cells.

When chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used to kill the cancerous cells, they harm healthy cells in the process. In fact, chemotherapy can kill people faster than the cancer would have.

A few natural supplements suggested for fighting cancer may have the potential to be toxic to the body and should just be used in conjunction with a naturopath or alternative doctors treatment.

These include Cesium, Artemisia and B17.

Cancer Killers
Cancer Killers - These are antibodies fighting cancer cells

In this report you will learn only about completely safe cancer supplements that can be used with no supervision.

You may well ask why, if a safe and natural product is able to kill cancer, your doctor doesn’t recommend it. The answer is simple. Your doctor probably doesn't know about it, but even if he or she did, they are not likely to use it.

This is because of the nature of the medical/drug industry. Doctors use and recommend drugs that are approved in a process that costs hundreds of millions of dollars. Because of this high cost, the drug companies will only make drugs that can be patented. That way they can sell them for huge mark-ups and have no competition.

Unfortunately, because these drugs have been altered from nature, which they must be to be patented, they become toxic in your body with sometimes harmful side effects.

Your body can handle natural foods and herbs but the altered from nature meds have toxic side-effects because your body can’t handle them. This is the reason why one of the biggest causes of deaths in the US is from medical drugs.

Because of the cost of getting approval for drugs, no company would ever take an unpatentable, natural product through the drug approval process. Consequently natural supplements aren't tested in multi-million dollars trials so they can't be approved by the FDA to be used for cancer or whatever other health condition they may help.

As herbs and natural supplements are not FDA approved, most doctors won't use them and many don't even know about them. Alternative doctors not blinded by the medical/drug industry, find that a comprehensive approach to fighting cancer using supplements along with chemotherapy, works much better than only using  treatments that harm the body.

But for now you have to turn to other resources to find safe cancer killers.

When healing from a cancer, you are always more likely to succeed if you work on it in several different ways. Many people have gotten rid of cancer using one or two products only, but others people have a tougher cancer, or are in worse health, and must do much more to be successful.

If you have time on your side, you can always try one or two of the best supplements to see if they can get the job done on their own. If you find this is not working for you, giving you good improvement in a month or two, take it as a warning that your body needs more support than you have been giving it and use more anti-cancer, health promoting supplements to more vigorously heal the body from cancer.

There are plenty of cancer killing herbs and procedures, but none come anywhere close to the power of the next few remedies covered in this section.

Silver GlucoPlus

Colloidal silver is sometimes recommended as a cancer fighter, but not by us. In our energetic testing of its effectiveness, it has not been good enough. But this changes with a unique colloidal silver that is in an alkaline base. More importantly, it is bonded to a sugar molecule. Called Silver GlucoPlus, it is the strongest cancer killer we have tested.

There are two reasons why Silver GlucoPlus is such a powerful cancer killer. First, it is in an alkaline, OH water base. This makes its action much more effective than other colloidal or ionic silvers. Plus the alkaline base helps reduce acidity and increase pH in the body.

This is a minor reason though, for its high cancer fighting power. The main reason it is so powerful is that a sugar molecule is bound to the silver particles.

D-Fructose is that sugar molecule. Because the favorite food of cancer cells is sugar, they gobble it up especially if you take it on an empty stomach. So, cancer cells seek it out and take it in. The silver then destroys their mitochondria function and kills them.

This is a very effective Trojan Horse method of killing cancer..

In addition, Silver GlucoPlus may help deal with an underlying cause of your cancer. Cancers are often encouraged by Candida or mold overgrowth, parasites, bad bacteria and viruses. The toxins they produce can mutate cells. They make your body more acidic and toxic. All of this contributes to the development of cancer.

Because sugar is bonded with each silver molecule, Silver GlucoPlus is basically a food for he bad guys. Bacteria, parasites and Candida all want to eat it and when they do, the silver gets into them and then it destroys these pathogens. Silver GlucoPlus is also effective against viruses when they move out of hiding.

Better still, Silver GlucoPlus will not damage healthy cells. This is because of a geometric property known as chirality. This prevents the "right-handed" rotating D-Fructose sugar from being absorbed by normal cells. Cancer cells, however, will be strongly attracted to it.

Silver GlucoPlus comes in a 16 ounce bottle. Use 2 or 3 bottles a month for early stage cancer and 3 or 4 bottles a month for advanced cancers. You can increase its effectiveness by adding in 1/4 tsp of MetOH for every teaspoon of Silver GlucoPlus.

Alka Super C

One of the characteristics of cancerous cells is that they have a very low voltage. This is because they are more acidic and lower in oxygen than healthy cells. Cancer cells use anaerobic fermentation of glucose to produce most of their energy. Anaerobic fermentation produces much less energy than using oxygen to produce energy as normal cells do.

Because of this low energy production, cancer cells are fragile. They don’t have the flexibility to survive rapid changes to their internal environment. They especially are not able to handle a rapid increase in voltage. This can kill them.

Over the years people have tried to attack cancer by taking advantage of this weakness. Unfortunately, until now, nothing has worked especially well. The actions of baking soda or mineral based alkaline water are too slow to cause rapid changes in cancer cells. Cancer cells produce lactic acid as a byproduct of their anaerobic fermentation. This lactic acid neutralizes the alkalinity of these products, and renders them ineffective.

Something new has come along that takes advantage of this weakness of cancer.

Alka Super C is able to raise cell voltage significantly and rapidly. In our testing it rates 8500 in cancer fighting ability. This is almost as good as the top testing cancer fighter, Silver GlucoPlus. (It can be mixed with Silver GlucoPlus. Which makes for an easy, powerful addition to a cancer fighting protocol.)

Alka Super C contains a very small amount of vitamin C. More is not needed. It works in a far different way than any other vitamin C supplement. (So just because you are already taking vitamin C, doesn’t mean that you don’t need this…)

In Alka Super C, vitamin C bonds to OH water molecules. This creates a unique, alkaline, electron-charged, liquid. The bonded vitamin C acts as an extra electron attached to the OH water molecule. Alka Super C easily gives up its electrons inside cancer cells. The OH water molecules then bind with the lactic acid in cancer cells, rapidly changing pH in the cell.

The release of electrons, while binding with lactic acid, causes a rapid increase in cell voltage. Cancer cells cannot handle this change. We test that the electrons damage the nucleus of the cancer cells, causing cell death.

Because it has a very high pH, Alka Super C is attracted to cancer cells as they are acidic. More gets into cancer cells than healthy cells. This increases the number of electrons zapping cancer cells. And boosts its ability to kill them.

The elixir BLA prevents lactic acid from leaving cancer cells. Because of this, BLA has a synergy with Alka Super C. More Alka Super C will get into cancer cells when BLA is used. BLA increases cancer cells acidity, and this attracts more Alka Super C to them. As a consequence, there is a bigger change in voltage, and cancer cells die faster.

Alka Super C tests as also being highly effective in zapping and killing all pathogens. Everything from viruses, bacteria and mycoplasma to parasites, candida, fungi and mold. Better still, it zaps the spores of candida, fungi and mold so that they cannot bloom and reinfect you. Silver GlucoPlus also kills many of these pathogens and spores. Using it and Alka Super C speeds up the elimination of pathogens in the body. Many pathogens play an underlying role in the development of cancers. Eliminating them helps reduce the chances that your cancer returns.

Alka Super C also increases the health and life force of normal cells. Healthy cells can handle higher voltage. In fact they thrive on it. In general, the higher the voltage your cells have, the healthier they will be, and the healthier you will be.

An added benefit of Alka Super C is that it also zaps toxins with its electrons. Then its OH water molecules bond with these burned up toxins and carry them out of the body. It is a very efficient detoxifier that will not put an extra load on the liver.

Kinesiology testing was done to see how different types of vitamin C compare to Alka Super C. A scale of 0 to 10 was used. 0 is no effectiveness at all, and 10 is maximum effectiveness. Ascorbic Acid (AA), Buffered C (BC), Liposomal C (LC), Natural C (NC), Vitamin C IVs (IVC), Optimal C Elixir (OC), and Alka Super C (ASC) were tested.

Effectiveness as an Antioxidant:    ASC - 0,   BC - 2,   AA  IVC - 3,   NC   LC - 4,  OC - 7.
Alka Super C does not act as an antioxidant as other vitamin C supplements do. Optimal C Elixir turns on production of vitamin C by the liver. This natural, made in your own body C, tests as being one of the best antioxidants there is.

Increases Cellular Energy: All other forms of C were a 0, not increasing cellular energy at all.
Alka Super C tested a 9, indicating it is a very strong booster of cell polarity, voltage, and energy.

Detoxification Capacity:   AA   BC   NC - 0,   LC - 1,  IVC   OC - 3,   ASC - 8.
Alka Super C tests as being a very strong detoxifier.

Improves Overall Health:   AA   BC - 1,   LC  NC  IVC - 2,   OC - 6,   ASC - 8.
It would seem that ordinary vitamin C supplements are not valuable for improving health. The made in the body vitamin C that Optimal C turns on production of, is much stronger.
And Alka Super C is even more valuable. (Their actions are not duplicated so both Optimal C Elixir and Alka Super C can be used together.)

Effectiveness Killing Cancer Cells:   AA  BC  LC   NC - 0,   IVC - 3,  OC - 6,   ASC - 10.
For years, in our energetic testing, vitamin C IVs have tested as being useful to use. But not as being a strong cancer fighter. This testing shows the same thing. Optimal C Elixir is an excellent cancer fighter, but not great. With a rating of 10, Alka Super C would be a great cancer fighter.

Effectiveness Killing Candida, Fungi, Mold and Parasites:   AA   BC  LC   NC - 0,   IVC - 1,   OC - 5, ASC - 9.    If you have significant candida or mold, you may need to start Alka Super C at a low dose to minimize die off symptoms. It is a powerful large pathogen killer.

Effectiveness Killing Small Pathogens:   AA   BC - 1,  LC   NC - 2,   IVC - 4,   OC - 9,   ASC - 10.
Alka Super C tested very strong for zapping large pathogens. So it is not surprising it tested even better at zapping small ones. What is surprising is how strong Optimal C Elixir tested.

Along with Silver GlucoPlus, Alka Super C can be made stronger by adding in a small amount of MetOH. Add in one quarter of the amount of the Alka Super C that you use.

Alka Super C is best taken orally, on an empty stomach. It is not as effective if used in a nebulizer. It can be mixed in the same water with Silver GlucoPlus.

Use 1 bottle a month of Alka Super C for health maintenance. For cancer prevention, use 2 bottles a month for a few months, then 1 a month. Use 2 or 3 bottles a month for early stage cancer - depending on the amount of cancer and its aggressiveness. Use 3 or 4 bottles a month for advanced cancers - also based on the amount of cancer and its aggressiveness.

Alka Super C comes in a 16 ounce bottle. There are 32 one tablespoon (half ounce) servings per bottle.

Zinc and Zinc Transport Elixir

Zinc is always low in prostate cancers. Every time. Researchers have not reported even one case of prostate cancer where zinc was not low. Increasing zinc in any cancer cell would help kill that cell.

The issue is, why isn't zinc getting into the prostate cells and into cancer cells? Researchers have now found out why.

Zinc's most important role is in both preventing and fighting prostate cancer. Understandably so, levels of zinc are many times higher in the prostate than in the rest of the body.

In 1999 a study found that zinc inhibited the growth of prostate cancer cells and many other studies have since confirmed this. As far back as 65 years ago, it was shown that zinc levels are low in the prostate when there is prostate cancer. Always. There has been not one reported case of prostate cancer when high zinc levels exist in the prostate.

Zinc supplementation has proven to be ineffective in preventing or killing prostate cancer. While many studies show some benefit from taking zinc, it is not enough to be significant.

Researchers have also identified why taking zinc does not work well for prostate cancer (It could even be counterproductive because cheap zinc supplements may have significant levels of cadmium in them).

They found a ZIP1 zinc transporter protein deficiency in the prostates of people with prostate cancer. ZIP1 proteins carry zinc from the extracellular fluid into cells. When ZIP1 levels are low, zinc cannot get into cells, no matter how much zinc is taken.

ZIP1 levels are low because the ZIP1 genes that turn on production of ZIP1 transporter proteins have been down regulated. This is unfortunate because adequate zinc levels clearly prevent the development of prostate cancer. No cases of prostate cancer have been noted where zinc levels were normal.

Zinc has been shown in research to inhibit and even kill prostate cancer cells. It may even be that all cancer cells have low zinc levels. And that the ability to get zinc into any cancer cell is a highly effective cancer fighting action.

Finally, there is a solution. A way to get more zinc into cells.

The Zinc Transport Elixir

The frequency enhanced elixirs often recommended in these pages are able to turn on production of specific proteins. The Fatty Acid Transport Elixir turns on production of fatty acid transport proteins. Users have noticed its effectiveness. Liver Detox Pathway Elixir turns on production of specific proteins in the liver. Again, users report their liver works better.

The Zinc Transporter Elixir turns on production of the ZIP1 and other zinc transporter proteins to high optimal levels.

They also activate ZIP1 genes. This will help the body to continue to make adequate amounts of zinc transporter proteins.

Zinc Transport Elixir turns on production of zinc transporter proteins in the prostate and throughout the body. Wherever they are needed. This will increase the amount of zinc that can get into prostate cancer and other cancer cells. Where it can disrupt and kill them.

The effect is stronger in prostate cancer cells because there is a much greater need for zinc in the prostate. But getting more zinc into cancer cells of any type will help kill them too.

You don’t want extra zinc in normal healthy cells. Zinc Transport Elixir instructions prevent excess zinc from going into these cells. They instruct the body to produce the amounts of zinc transporter proteins needed for optimal health. They will turn on production in cancerous cells, or where levels are low. And will not do so in healthy cells where levels are normal.

In our energetic testing the Zinc Transport Elixir comes in at a strong 6700 for preventing and fighting prostate cancer. For fighting other types of cancer it is almost as strong, 6000. Use one bottle a month for cancer prevention, 2 bottles a month for an early stage cancer and 3 per month for an advanced cancer.

Of course, it works best when you also take zinc as a supplement. We recommend using an ionic zinc supplement as it would have only zinc in it. Use the normal suggested dose of zinc for cancer prevention and prostate health. Use three times the normal suggested dose to fight cancer.

When zinc is taken along with the Zinc Transport Elixir, our testing gives a rating of 8700 for prostate cancer and 7500 for all other cancers. Strong scores indeed.

Apopto Activation Elixir

Some researchers say that cells turn cancerous because of viral infections, others say that bacterial infections, or candida overgrowth or even parasites are the culprit. It may well be that sometimes one of these is indeed the culprit, and another time one of the other infections is to blame. Or they may all play a role in one way or the other.

The common, underlying cause of a cell turning cancerous may be mutations to the cell. This could be caused by a virus, or by toxins released by bacteria, fungi or parasites that are infecting a cell or are close by a cell. The infection essentially is causing damage in the form of mutations that then cause the cell to turn cancerous.

The Apopto Activation Elixir works in a unique way to kill these damaged or mutated cells. It works on cells that they have already turned cancerous, and also on mutated cells to prevent them from becoming cancerous. The instructions it carries to the body alert the body to be aware that there can be mutated cells that have already turned, or could potentially turn, cancerous.

It instructs the body to send messages to these mutated and damaged cells, telling them to kill themselves.

Apoptosis is a name for the natural death of cells, for a cell telling itself to die because it is not working well, or is severely damaged, or is just too old and it is time to die and be recycled. The Apopto Activation Elixir is targeting cells that are cancerous or are mutated in a way that can cause them to turn cancerous, and turns on this process of natural cell death, efficiently killing cancer cells and precancerous cells too.

Apopto Activation Elixir comes in at 6400 in healing power. Use two bottles a month for early stage cancer, three per month for advanced cancers, and one per month for prevention of cancer. It has a synergy with MetaCell Elixir. Using both makes each of them more effective.

Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ (by GHA Naturals)

For years Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ has been one of the best cancer killers we have seen. It even works better now when you use it with BLA. In fact, I've seen it work well so consistently for so many years, with no problems or safety issues, that I shake my head in wonderment when I come across an article questioning its safety or effectiveness. They just don't know.

Zeolite works exceptionally well at fighting cancer as an informal 14 month study a number of years ago showed.

In this study, 65 people with mostly stage 4 cancer and who had a prognosis of about 2 months to live, were given a type of liquid Zeolite.

At the end of the study, 51 people were cancer free and six more were alive, but still fighting cancer. This is a 78% cure rate for terminal cancer and an incredible 89% survival rate.

Not bad for a bunch of folks sent home to die.

The study patients had answered an ad in a newspaper that said, "If your doctor has given up on you, call us." So they were mostly people who had late stage cancer, whose doctors had sent them home to get their affairs in order.

Throughout the study, many patients used some sort of adjunctive treatment. For example, a lung cancer patient was told to go home and get his affairs in order. After three months on this liquid Zeolite, he was feeling much better. He went back to his oncologist, who suggested that he was strong enough to undergo more chemotherapy and radiation. So he stayed on the Zeolite, but he also went on chemo and radiation at that point.

We've seen many testimonials where someone took Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ by itself, or with another product or two, and got over a tough cancer.

For example, Theresa was giving Zeolite Enhanced, alone, to her sister with advanced small cell lung cancer that had spread to the liver. Small cell lung cancer, if you are not aware of this, is one of the most aggressive and deadly cancers and spreading to the liver didn't make likelihood of survival any better.

Yet after several months of only using Zeolite Enhanced, the cancer was completely gone. She said, "The doctors call it a miracle, but we call it Zeolite Enhanced!"

"In July 08 I was told that my PSA was 28. A Biopsy was performed which confirmed that I had a most aggressive prostrate cancer (4+5=9) on the Gleason score, bone scan plus MRI followed. My scan and MFI showed that my bones were clear but the cancer had progressed into my lymph glands. The doctor recommended that I start hormone therapy before starting chemotherapy, after 3 months of the hormone therapy.

"On looking on the internet I came across Zeolite Enhanced. This I have been taking since the beginning of August at a dose of 120 drops per day. Yesterday the 29th Oct. 3 months after starting to take zeolite I had an appointment with my doctor, only to be told that my PSA was now 4.1 and that I didn't need any further treatment except to continue with the 3 monthly hormone injections with a revisit to the doctors in 6 months. If you wish to use my name and address, please fill free to do so!

Yours, Mike Player

"Great Great news my mum has had confirmation that her lung cancer has gone. Thanks to everyone a miracle has happened.  I will now cut the supplements down, and the remaining supplements I will cut the dosage.
Kind Regards,

Margaret P

(She was using Zeolite Enhanced and about 20 other products suggested in this report for just a few months.)

"My dog was diagnosed in August as having a malignant tumour. He had accidentally bumped his head about two weeks earlier, & a large lump had quickly developed. The vet more or less wrote him off, as his insurance would not have covered the large sums of money involved in providing treatment. Also, he's about ten years old, a large dog, & I really didn't want him to have to endure the upset of receiving scans, radiotherapy, etc. In my desperation to help him I searched the internet for something that would treat cancer. I soon found a site which pointed me in your direction. So, I started to treat him with Liquid Zeolite with DHQ on 3rd September. For a few weeks it was difficult to see any difference in the tumour. Although his arthritic condition improved, as well as his chest problems.[ He had begun to cough & splutter during the summer.]

Within the last few weeks however, it has become obvious that the tumour has started to shrink. Although it's difficult to be accurate, I would say that it has shrunk by as much as half. So hopefully, it will be gone by Christmas. I have been giving him 25 drops four times a day.... Perhaps you think that I'm overdosing, but the cancer is so virulent that I thought that a high dosage was best. I have been telling everyone I meet about liquid zeolite, because I can see that it really works. Hopefully, by making people aware of it lives will be saved. I just wanted to let you know what has happened, & to thank you for all your help. I will let you know of any further progress."

John H

"I am delighted to tell you that I have received my order in the post this morning. I am so relieved as I realize that Christmas post could have caused the delay! My father is taking the medication following a course of radiotherapy for inoperable throat cancer. Over the last few days we have noticed that the huge lump on the side of his neck has almost disappeared and yesterday he was able to eat solid food for the first time in a few weeks. We are continuing to give my father the treatment and will update you on his condition. Thank you for your kind  and attentive service.

Regards, Janice P.

More remarkable results....

"Jeff and I went to Emory yesterday, the 29th for his follow up visit. He had gone from a 12,000 tumor marker down to a 10.2 and they scheduled him to come back in three months for his check up, not every six weeks.

He and I would like to thank you so very much for all your help and recommendations. You have been an answer to many, many prayers. God has blessed you with information that needs to be shared with so many other people around the world. Thanks for all you do and the very much needed help you have provided.... Thanks again, our lives will never be the same !!"

Jennifer J.

(He had used for about one month Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ and a couple of other supplements recommended here.)

How zeolite works to fight cancer.

According to information in United States Patent 6,288,045, zeolite can, when pulled into cancer cells, activate the P21 gene which tells a cancer cell to die, or literally, according to this patent, destroy the nucleus of cancerous cells.

Zeolite is a negatively charged volcanic mineral that naturally attracts positively charged toxins to it. (All toxins are positively charged.) It traps them in its cage-like structure. In other words, it absorbs toxins. Zeolite's negative ionic charge turns slightly positive after it is full of the positively charged toxins it has absorbed. Normal cells have a neutral charge while cancer cells have a slightly negative electrical charge. So the now slightly positively charged zeolite molecule is attracted to cancer cells.

The energetic frequencies and additional ingredients in Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ increase the ability of the Zeolite to find and enter cancer cells.

Once inside the cancer cells, Zeolite kills them two ways, according to the Zeolite Patent.

Zeolite activates the p21 gene. The function of the p21 gene is to tell the cancer cell to die. P21 acts as a tumor suppressor as it controls cell cycle progression. The activation of P21 appears to halt the growth of tumors by directly suppressing growth signals. In in-vitro studies, all cancer cells tested were destroyed in 72 hours.

Even more important, the tri metallic part of the Zeolite destroys the nucleus of the cancer cells it enters. Some cancer cells are destroyed in an outward burst of the cytoplasm. In other cases cells are destroyed when their wall and membrane collapse after the nucleus is destroyed.

Most often, after the nucleus and the cytoplasm are destroyed, the entire cellular contents dissipate into the surrounding environment. The membranes of these now dead cancer cells remain intact, but no cellular structures are left.

Zeolite improves health in several other ways.

It chelates and removes heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other toxins from your body. It does this in a hierarchical manner. Studies show that it is most attracted to lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals.

Once the amount of heavy metals are depleted, it starts to work on getting rid of pesticides, herbicides, plastics and so forth. It also acts as a natural trap of viral particles which stops production of the viruses.

Because it traps toxins in its molecular structure and carries them out of the body, being eliminated within 6 hours or so, it detoxifies without overloading the detoxification system in your body. This takes a strain off of the liver and kidneys.

As toxins are one underlying cause of almost any cancer, taking Zeolite on a regular basis is an excellent cancer preventative. Especially as it can kill any cancer cells that may develop.

Zeolite traps free radicals in its molecular structure so it also acts as a free radical scavenger. Zeolite will help normalize pH levels and boosts the immune system as it increases levels of CD4 immune system molecules.

One important benefit when the liver is functioning poorly...

Ammonia is a toxin that has no place in a healthy body. Thousands of people with liver and kidney disease die every year from too much ammonia in their blood. The average person can handle low levels of ammonia in their blood, but even a low level adds stress to the immune system and compromises health.

Most ammonia forms in the body when protein is broken down by un-friendly bacteria in the intestines. It is also produced by parasites, yeasts and molds. These organisms produce ammonia both as a waste product, but also as a mechanism to keep their host (your body) in an unhealthy state. As candida yeast is almost always overgrown and infecting the whole body of someone with cancer, you may well have high levels of ammonia in your body.

For this reason the use of Zeolite may be very helpful if your liver is not working properly. Ammonia that remains unprocessed because the liver is not working up to par can enter the bloodstream and invade the central nervous system, causing many dangerous effects.

A healthy liver converts ammonia into urea, which is then eliminated in urine. A benefit of taking Zeolite is its ability to remove ammonia directly from your body, which means less stress on your liver and kidneys. A big bonus for your health if your liver is weak.

Of course, reduced ammonia is also a bonus for healthy digestion since pathogens and parasites are weakened and beneficial bacteria can better recolonize.

Even your brain can be affected. In advanced cases of liver disease, for example, the ammonia may cause at first a mild mental aberration which can progress to coma, and ultimately, death. Increased levels of ammonia in the blood are characteristic of liver failure.

Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is a frequency enhanced liquid Zeolite that is, based on a lot of feedback from users, the most effective Zeolite supplement we know of. The best by a very wide margin.

Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ comes in a 2 ounce, glass dropper bottle and has many additional ingredients to boost its effectiveness.

The proprietary blend of additional ingredients that supercharges this Zeolite Includes: Dihydroquercetin from Grape leaf. Herbal extracts: Asian Ginseng, Uva Ursi, Gotu Kola. Bach Flower Essences: Star of Bethlehem, Self-Heal and Five-Flower.  Amino Acids: Analine, L-Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Glycine, Glutamic Acid, L-Lycine, Leucine, Proline, Serine, Theonine, and Valine.  Homeopathic: Bioplasma Cell Salts, Silicea 12X and Arnica. Organic Essential Oils: Rosemary, Orange and Lemon.

Ingredients: ZLTZeolite(tm) from Clinoptilolite, Proprietary Blend (as listed below), Vita-Humic Minerals(tm) (Humic Acid), Colloidal Silver, Purified Structured Water

Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is superior in three ways.

  1. The manufacturing process makes this Zeolite able to get deeper into the body..
  2. The energetics, herbs and ingredients in it make the Zeolite better able to be transported throughout the body and into cancer cells.
  3. The vibrational frequencies and all the additional ingredients in it greatly increases its healing power for overall health improvement.

The Frequency Enhancing And Additional Ingredients Story

What actually first made Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ the better liquid Zeolite product, was that it had been energized or imbued with special vibrational frequencies 8 or 9 different ways. This creates unique cancer killing activities, all equally important.

  1. These special frequencies and ingredients improve the ability of the Zeolite to enter cancer cells. And that's the name of the game when you are fighting cancer with Zeolite.
  2. The specific frequencies that energize are able to kill cancer cells on their own. Cancer cells have a low vibrational frequency but they naturally must try to match or entrain to the high frequencies in Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ. This ends up killing the cancer cell because it can’t operate at those much higher frequencies. The same frequencies only make your healthy cells stronger.

The interesting thing about the value of frequency enhancing, or at least the extensive frequency enhancing that Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ has, is how big a difference it's made in its potency - according to our energetic testing.

Zeolite manufacturers and distributors naturally try to sell you the product they have and sell. So they tout their cleaned cage, or how they have the real original process, or their nano processing and how they have so much Zeolite in their liquid, a little falls out if you let it sit, or their ability to process the Zeolite with the humic acid, etc. Yet in my energetic testing, all these Zeolites, except the cheap one that sells just on price, were about the same potency.

The original Liquid Zeolite, NCD, energetically tests at 320. There is a SuperZ liquid that comes in at 312, the one that comes from a manufacture that puts the Zeolite inside a humic acid molecule is 328. A Trinity liquid is 315. 360 zeolite is 330. Every other one I test is right in the same ballpark, except the ultra liquid zeolite (enhanced with DHQ) from the liquid zeolite company that claims to be the one I recommend. It tests at 270. Their Nano Cellular Zeolite is better, testing at 340. ORME zeolite with monatomic minerals comes in at 320. Even Zeolite powder comes in at 300.

This supercharged Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is my top recommendation for a Zeolite product as it tests at 4300.

The zeolite that is used as its base tests at 470. The huge difference lies in the precise combination of additional ingredients, and the energetics that influence how it acts in the body. That enable more of the Zeolite to get into cancer cells. Once in cancer cells, the zeolite shreds up the cancer cells.

As a reminder: We recommend the energized Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ from Get Healthy Again, the Alaskan supplier given in the resources section of this report. We do Not recommend 'Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ' from the Liquid Zeolite Company or any of its affiliates even though they advertise it heavily and claim it is authentic and that it is what we are recommending, It is not.

Clearly, Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is a remarkable product for fighting cancer. It's non-toxic, a great detoxifier, helps to improve pH levels and the vibrational frequencies in it along with the many additional ingredients increase the effectiveness of the Zeolite at killing cancer cells. There's no reason not to take this powerful cancer fighter.

"Hello my name is Robert and I have ordered Zeolite Enhanced in March for my mother and her cancer disappeared and totally dissolved. I might order again to keep following up, and to help other people . Thank you."

Robert C.

It has been successfully used with chemotherapy and radiation - though you must stop it three days before any chemotherapy that uses a heavy metal such as platinum or lithium and wait 3 days after the chemotherapy so that it will not pull out the platinum or lithium. These include Cisplatin, Carboplatin, and Oxaliplatin for the platinum based therapies. Lithium may sometimes be given in conjunction with platinum chemotherapy.

For optimal results, using Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ to fight your cancer, use 2 bottles a month for an early stage cancer, and for an advanced stage cancer, use 3 bottles per month. Up to 6 bottles a month is suggested if you have a late stage cancer and need to do as much as possible.

Nano Red

Nano Red delivers valuable support for normalization of blood and cell chemistry. Using high-quality, wildcrafted herbal extract of Blood Root, (Sanguinaria Canadensis), Red Root (Amaranthus retroflexus), Dandelion Root, prickly ash, Poke Root and black walnut as well as humic and fulvic acids, Nano-Red is suggested for use in conjunction with specific elixirs to accelerate the elimination of dead and unwanted cells.

In addition to centuries-old treatment for skin issues and diseases, Bloodroot and Redroot extracts, tinctures and teas have been used in treating bleeding lungs, pneumonia, common cold, whooping cough, emphysema, sinus congestion and migraines.

When combined with certain other chemical compounds, bloodroot has been very effective in treating some cardiac conditions by slowing the heart rate. Patients suffering from palpitations have been treated effectively with Bloodroot.

With the many other supporting herbs, essential oils, flower essence, and homeopathic ingredients in Nano Red, it is much more powerful than single ingredient Bloodroot or Red Root extracts. For fighting cancer it tests at 1300, however its main purpose is to open up the lymph system.

Ingredients: Proprietary herbal blend of super critical extracts: Red Root, Blood Root, Dandelion Root, Prickly Ash, Poke Root, Black Walnut, Humic & Fulvic Acids, Grain Alcohol, Brandy. Larch, Pine and Oak flower essences, homeopathic Calcarea Flourata 200. Organic essential oils of grapefruit, celery seed, ginger and lemon.

Use 1 to 5 two ounce bottles a month. As it opens up the lymph system, it is especially important when cancer has spread to the lymph system.

Other Cancer Killers

There is a cancer killing supplement on the internet that people ask about, a Miracle Mineral supplement great for malaria. Where the minerals may kill cancer cells too. Unfortunately, while it seems to work wonders for malaria, energetic testing puts this at a low 45 for cancer. It just doesn't work that well.

Cesium with some additional potassium and magnesium has been touted for fighting cancer. With some impressive results. It seems to be good but not great. Energetic testing puts it at 324 for fighting cancer. Take it while working with a doctor or naturopath as you can get your mineral levels messed up using it.

Artemisia has been touted by some as a cancer killer. There has been some concern about making sure you don't take too much of this herb. Though certainly it is much much safer than chemotherapy or any drug for that matter. Energetic testing puts its cancer fighting value at 230 when used in correct doses.

An extract from the Venus's Flytrap, is a highly touted cancer cell killer. It dissolves primitive cells including cancer cells but does not harm healthy cells. Energetic testing gives the high quality powder a healing power of 246. The liquid extract is better. It comes in at 327. Unfortunately it tends to be expensive and you need to use a lot of it.

Most chemotherapies, because of the damage they do to the body, and because of their low success rate, energetically test in a range from 30 to 40. Radiation therapy, if properly applied and focused on a tumor, is a 60. If the radiation damages too much other body tissue, it drops to a 25 in our energetic testing.

There are many other excellent cancer killers that focus on the underlying causes of cancer. So let's take a look at the best supplements for another effective cancer fighting strategy, boosting the response of the immune system.


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