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Brain Cancer Protocol

The protocol below will tell you which supplements our research has found to be the most important ones to use to beat brain cancer.

These supplements work well with chemotherapies, significantly increasing the effectiveness of the chemotherapy's ability to knock out cancer — while at the same time helping to protect the body from the side effects of chemo.

If someone is in very poor health, either because of their cancer, or from the chemo, or both, then they need to focus the first month or two more on supporting the body and especially the liver, and not on killing cancer cells rapidly which will further overload the liver. See the End Stage Protocol .

In the protocol below, the numbers before the product name are the number of bottles to use in a month. The first number is for an early stage cancer, the second for an advanced, stage 4 cancer, or an aggressive cancer. With an advanced or more aggressive cancer, it is better to use more of these suggestions -- if possible.

The product name will be, in almost all cases, a link taking you to a page on this website where you can read in more detail about this product.

Budget Protocol When Swelling Is NOT OK And Must Be Avoided

1 or 2 bottles a month Immune Force -- as Immune Force is overall the top supplement we have tested for handling cancer.

Also, get as many of these 8 most valuable cancer fighting elixirs as possible. On a budget use the 1 bottle a month dosage. For a more vigorous protocol, use 1 or 2 per month. They are, in order of importance...

1 to 4 bottles a month GlioX elixir -- This elixir was designed to work on prevent brain tumors from recurring, and to help the immune system to better find and eliminate brain cancers.

1 or 4 bottles a month Tumorin elixir -- Tumorin becomes more important in a no swelling protocol because it causes an increase of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, which reduces tumor size to some extent. Can be especially valuable for brain tumors.

1 or 2 bottles a month Reveal elixir -- The single strongest cancer healing elixir in general.

1 bottle a month BLA elixir     

1 bottle a month Glutam elixir

1 bottle a month PrugX elixir -- These three elixir work together to cause a buildup of lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide in cancer cells. To prevent this buildup from being so much that the cells swell up and the tumor gets bigger, keep these at the bottle a month dosage.

1 or 2 bottles a month Dtosin elixir

1 or 2 bottles a month Telomerase elixir -- The remaining top cancer healing elixirs.

These elixirs stimulate the body to be more effective in dealing with the cancer, and cause cancer cells to take actions that cause them to die in several different ways.


If the cancer is causing pain or dysfunction, and you need to bring down tumor size, these next two supplements are vital to add in. If the pain or dysfunction is bad enough, these two may be the most important supplement to get.

3 to 5 or as many as 10 bottles a month Nano Red -- Liquid herbal formula that opens up the lymph system and reduces tumor size. At least 3 bottles of Nano Red should always be used to prevent the lymph nodes from clogging up with dead cancer cells as this could cause swelling in the brain.

3 to 6 bottles a month Red 65 -- A specialty enzyme formula that tests stronger, in our testing than other enzymes, in digesting fibrin and also dead cancer cells. Live ones too.


To Be More Vigorous In Healing Your Cancer, Add On:

1 bottle a month Ultimate Fish Blend -- Works on cancer at the cellular level.

1 or 2 bottles a month Liver Strength -- Is designed to work synergistically with Immune Force. Brain Power and Ultimate Fish Blend to create health and healing in the body. Very strong liver support and always a top supplement if cancer is in the liver or chemotherapy is being used.

1 bottle a month Brain Power -- Works with Immune Force and Liver Strength to help the liver, brain and immune system function at a higher level so that the body can better deal with cancer.

3 or 4 bottles a month ESME Version NS -- This version of ESME is not as powerful as ESME version C as it carries instructions to cause natural cell death of cancer cells, while version C carries instruction to kill cancer cells. So it is not as important in this avoid swelling protocol, but still makes this top list of supplements to take.

3 or 4 bottles a month Honokare  -- This liquid herbal formula modulates the immune system while causing natural cell death of cancer cells.


To increase the overall effectiveness of this protocol a bit more, add on, if possible, the remaining healing cancer elixirs:

2 bottles a month CSE elixir

2 bottles a month RAD elixir

1 bottle a month PrugX Enhancer  

1 bottle a month BLA Enhancer  -- Keep these two at the bottle a month dosage also.


If the cancer has spread to any of the detoxification organs, you need additional support for them, whether they are the liver, kidneys, colon or lymph system. (Nano Red above is for the lymph system.)

Liver, if already using Immune Force and Liver Strength, you don’t need to use anything else. If only liquids can be consumed, use Nymsar elixir instead to help support the liver. 

Use Immune ForceLiver Strength, and Fulvitea, 2 a month, if you are in catabolic wasting as this occurs when the liver is not functioning properly. 

Kidneys:  Use 3 bottles a month of Kidney Rescue when the kidneys are under stress from cancer being there.

 If kidney function is very poor, do not use Immune Force as it makes the kidneys work harder..

Lungs: If cancer is in the lungs, use  pHenOH --  in a nebulizer. Do not dilute the pHenOH, and as you need to avoid swelling, use just 1 capful twice a day, max.

A nebulizer is a machine that vaporizes a liquid so that it comes out of a mouthpiece or mask as a vapor and is breathed into the lungs. When pHenOH is breathed into the lungs in this manner, it will work directly on the cancer cells with its highly alkaline OH water. It will also reduce production of mucus and could help reduce coughing too.

More for the lungs: Use OxyDHQ and Ronuv  to increase oxygenation in the body while fighting cancer in the lungs. 2 bottles a month of each if needing to avoid swelling.

Colon: add on 1 bottle per month GI Pro to help heal the colon.


For cancer prevention:

Once your cancer is gone, to prevent it from returning, you will need to use a cancer prevention protocol for at least a year. This will give your body time to heal itself, and improve your cellular environment so that your cells cannot turn cancerous.

The optimal cancer prevention / keep it from coming back protocol would be:

1 bottle a month Immune Force

1 bottle a month Liver Strength

1/3 bottle a month Ultimate Fish Blend

1/2 bottle a month Brain Power

These will work together to regenerate and renew your body, cleansing it, helping it to function properly, the way it should.


If funds are an issue, you can instead use:

1 or 2 bottles a month Immune Force -- to support the immune system and liver

1 or 2 bottles a month pHenOH - to balance pH, detoxify, oxygenate the body

1 or 2 bottles a month Telomerase elixir -- to stimulate repair and regeneration while preventing cancer cells from living a long time.

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