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Protocols For Liver Cancer

The most important supplements for fighting liver cancer are the following. These supplements will have a synergy with chemotherapies, helping the chemo produce better results while also reducing side effects. You can also use them to eliminate cancer on their own, or with the other treatments you are using. 

These supplements will be listed in order of importance, with the most valuable ones given first. If you can't afford all of them, the supplements listed first are the most valuable ones to focus on.

It could be as few as 3 months to as many as 6 months or more before the cancer cells are dead. At that time, it is optimal to switch to a cancer prevention protocol to make sure it doesn't come back.

The numbers before the product name are the optimal number of bottles needed for a month’s supply. The first number is for an early stage cancer, the second is for an advanced cancer.


To avoid swelling when using this protocol, take T Ban elixir at a  4 bottle a month dosage.  
T Ban activates the removal of dead cancer cells without using an inflammatory process so will help to prevent any swelling. 

(Do not use more than 1/2 bottle per month of m⋅e⋅t⋅OH or AlkalOH gel more than 4 times per day if swelling of tumor needs to be avoided)

The majority of these products are called Elixirs. These are energetic products, very simple and subtle in nature but very effective.
The base ingredients of all the elixirs is purified spring water then a couple drops of organic Orange and Rosemary essential oils.

The oils help the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water work more effectively. The technology used to make these elixirs creates a stable concentrated energy that transfers instructions to your body.

Read more about Energetics here:


2 - 4  T Ban elixir —  T Ban tells the cancer to exit the body. It contains vibrational energies that stimulate cancer cells to exit because they are irritated by these frequencies. T Ban also instructs the immune system to carry cancer cells, both live cells and dead cancer cells, out of the body. It will help reduce tumor size more quickly because dead cancer cells are more rapidly eliminated by the actions of T Ban. This helps to take a strain off the liver and body as processing dead cancer cells can easily overload a worn out detoxification system. All these actions have a powerful effect as T Ban is testing as the single strongest cancer supplement there is.

2 - 4   Optimal C elixir — This frequency enhanced elixir tells the body to make its own vitamin C. Humans have not been able to make vitamin C like most mammals because the gene turning on production of the L-gulonolactone oxidase enzyme that is needed to make vitamin C in mammals is simply missing.

Optimal C can take the place of this gene. It can do so as these elixirs do a very good job of telling the body to make specific enzymes. Optimal C turns on enough L-gulonolactone oxidase production to create optimal levels of vitamin C in the body. 
A 150 pound goat, when unstressed, produces 13,000 mg of vitamin C a day and when stressed, can produce up to 13 times more, approximately 169,000 mg a day.

Optimal C will stimulate the body to produce similar quantities of vitamin C. Making it one of the most powerful cancer fighters and also the most important supplement there is to prevent cancer, improve health and increase longevity.

2 - 3  Cellular Replication Control elixir —  Instructs the body to repair any damaged genes that regulate the production of enzymes responsible for controlling cellular replication. A mutated gene that turns on too rapid replication in a cell may cause the cell to become a cancer cell. This elixir turns off mutated genes causing this development of cancer, instructing the body to either repair the gene, destroy the mutated gene if it can’t be repaired, or to destroy the cancer cell if it can’t be stopped from replicating too fast. Some of the mutated genes it works on include the HER2 gene involved in many breast and other hormonal cancers, and the Androgen Receptor gene involved in prostate cancer.

2 - 3  T Suppressor Elixir —  This elixir instructs the body to repair all mutated tumor suppressor genes, and to increase production of the tumor suppressor proteins they make. The job of these proteins is to stop cells from turning cancerous, and to suppress growth of tumors. If you have a tumor suppressor gene mutation, such as  BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes connected with the development of breast cancer, or the AC gene connected with the development of colon cancer, these cancers are much more likely to develop. The T Suppressor Elixir optimizes production of the  tumor suppressor proteins that are supposed to be made by these mutated genes, taking the place of these genes by telling the body to produce these proteins. But perhaps it’s most important role is to increase production to optimal levels of all tumor suppressor proteins in the body, there are many, including the vital p53 protein — low levels of p53 are implicated in many many cancers. 

1-2  Immune Cell Enhancement elixir  —  Increases production of the antibodies and T Cells needed to eliminate the kind of cancer that is in the body. It instructs the body to link the antibodies and T Cells so that efficiency will be greatly increased, of killing the cancer cells, and directs the body to take the antibody/T Cells to the cancer cells. Works in synergy with Dendritic Cell Support elixir and Reveal elixir.

1--2  PNC Support elixir —   Researchers have found that a particular protein peptide from the p53 protein works effectively to kill cancer cells. The PNC Support Elixir tells the body to produce this protein peptide in high enough amounts to make it highly effective at knocking out cancer. 

1-2  Dendritic Cell Support elixir —   Optimizes production and function of dendritic cells. These are immune system cells with the task of identifying cancer cells so that the immune system T cells can then destroy them. The elixir also reduces production of a protein that hides the cancer cells from the immune system. 

1-2  Optimal Immune 2 —  This emulsified oil and herbal formula, when used with Optimal Immune 1, becomes the best immune system supplement we have tested. Vital for dealing with cancer or for cancer prevention. Both are also good liver support supplements. Optimal Immune 2 is more of an immune modulator with a strong anti-inflammatory action.
8 oz bottle Optimal Immune 2 Ingredients:

Parent Essential Oil Base: 7,950mg
Cold Pressed/Full Spectrum: Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil, Organic Chia Seed Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil.
Organic Essential Oils: Peppermint, Lemon, Lime, Rosemary and Cinnamon.
Blending Agents: Lecithin from Sunflower Oil, Liquid Chlorophyll, Purified Structured Spring Water.

Herbal Proprietary Blend: 550 mg
Medicinal Mushrooms: Organic Cordyceps Militaris, Organic Colorius Versicolor.
Antioxidants/Carotenoid/Phytochemicals: Lycopene, Lutein/Zeaxanthin, Arabinogalactan and Dihydroquercitin (from Larch wood).
Full Spectrum Herbal Extracts: Ashwagandha, Green Tea (50% EGCG), Turmeric (95% Curcuminoids)
Nutraceuticals: Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylserine, ProCoQ10 (Wacker).
Stabilizers: Xylitol (from US Hardwood), Potassium Sorbate, Vitamin C.

1-2  Optimal Immune 1 — This is an herbal formula focusing on use of several medicinal mushrooms and other herbs that combine to make a powerful immune booster. This can be used alone for cancer prevention but best to use with Optimal Immune 2 as they are designed to be taken together.
90 capsules
Ingredients per each 3 capsule serving:
Medicinal mushrooms: Organic U.S. grown Reishi, Cordyceps Sinensis, Turkey Tail and Mitake.
Herbs: Astragulus 4:1, Burdock Root 4;1, Turmeric Extract, Green Tea Extract, Mangosteen Extract, Bacopa Extract, Gymnema Extract, Mulehi Extract, Garcina Cambogia Extract, Guggul Extract, Colesus Extract, Piperine.

1-2 Liver Strength  — Clears detox pathways in the liver. Supports both the liver and immune system. Also clears pathways in the brain so that the brain can better control the immune system. Works in synergy with Optimal Immune 2.
360 softgels
Ingredients: Fermented Green Extract Calcium Blend (Alfalfa Sprout, Barley Grass, Broccoli Sprout, Bok Choy, Kale, Spinach), Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate, Beet Extract, Liquid Chlorophyl Extract, Phytavail Zinc, Acerola Cherry Extract, Sea Minerals, Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Oxide, Borage Oil, Bacillus Spores.
Other ingredients: Gelatin, Ethyl Alcohol, Beeswax, Sunflower Lecithin

2-3  Zeolite Enhanced w/DHQ  —  A longtime top cancer killer that has knocked out plenty of cancer on its own. It will also help eliminate heavy metals from the body as it binds to them. 

The above supplements are the absolute top supplements to use for fighting cancer. For a more vigorous approach, dealing with other issues that would be good to address, consider adding on the following. Again, listed in order of overall importance. 2 oz spray bottle
Ingredients: K-Natural™ (LifeHealthSciences), Proprietary Blend: Dihydroquercetin from Grape leaf. Herbal extracts: Asian Ginseng, Uva Ursi, Gotu Kola. Bach Flower Essences: Star of Bethlehem, Self-Heal and Five-Flower. Amino Acids: Analine, L-Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Glycine, Glutamic Acid, L-Lysine, Leucine, Proline, Serine, Theonine, and Valine. Homeopathic: Bioplasma Cell Salts; Silicea 12X and Arnica. Organic Essential Oils; Rosemary, Orange and Lemon., L-Ascorbic Acid, Optiblend™, Colloidal Silver, Citric Acid, Purified Structured Water.

2  CandXpel  —  This elixir is a unique way to deal with candida fungal overgrowth. The energies in it cause  candida to exit the body, without dying, which eliminates the die off caused by toxins being released when you kill candida. CandXpel does the same for bad bacteria and viruses too. 

As candida clearly plays a role in the development of most cancers, (oncologist Dr. Simoncini is well-known for saying all cancer is caused by candida) eliminating candida is vital to do. However, until now we have not suggested dealing with candida right away along with cancer because the toxic overload of dealing with the toxins from the dead candida along with the toxins from the dead cancer cells is just too much for the liver. (Dr. Simoncini’s baking soda treatments also cause too much toxic overload and are not particularly effective.) 

With CandXpel, candida overgrowth can be dealt with right from the start, so the body will heal faster and be able to eliminate cancer faster. The candida will either move through the digestive tract to be eliminated through the colon, or be filtered out of the blood by the kidneys. Thus the liver will not have to be working harder to eliminate candida or their toxins. And can concentrate on removing dead cancer cells and also chemotherapy toxins.


The above products cover the basics needed to eliminate cancer.
To be even more aggressive, add on the following:

1-2  Reveal elixir — This elixir helps the immune system to better seek out and kill cancer cells. One of the more powerful elixirs on its own, it is even more useful when used in conjunction with the Dendritic Cell Support elixir.

1-2  Quzu elixir — This elixir does not make this top group of cancer fighting supplements on its own.  But the combination of the actions of Quzu, and the effects of listening to the Sound Therapies Technology recording becomes a powerful cancer healing combination, increasing the effectiveness of the immune system.

Quzu tells the body to take four actions. 1. To explode endorphin production so that the brain can better control the immune system.   2. To increase glutathione production in all cells, but cancer cells. This works to prevents cells from turning cancerous.   3. To increase the cellular life force "vibrations per minute”. This action promotes overall health and disrupts cancer cell energy and function.   4. To mobilize your stem cells to fight cancer. 

Quzu works better, does more, when used with the Sound Therapies Technology recording. This recording, which was over a decade in developing, uses unmatched technology to create a pure sound that activates the frontal lobes of the brain. One of its effects is to amplify the production of endorphins, which in conjunction with Quzu, is very powerful for improving immune system performance, to reduce stress, and more.  

To learn about, purchase and download this recording go to http://tinyurl.com/om7qgwa The reason we recommend this is that the combination of using this recording with Quzu is one of the top cancer fighting therapies based on our testing.

2-3  Ultimate Fish Blend —  This is a unique fish oil supplement that uses antioxidant protection along with mineral and protein co-nutrients to help the fish oil to work more effectively, with the negative side effects that isolated fish oils cause. (Tumor growth.)  Ultimate Fish Blend help your cells work much better, and high doses of it are a powerful cancer healer.
Ingredients: Astaxanthin Blend (Krill Oil, Astareal Astaxanthin, Salmon Oil), Curcumin, Cinnamon Bark extract, Fermented Green Extract Calcium Blend (Alfalfa Sprout, Barley Grass, Broccoli Sprout, Bok Choy, Kale, Spinach), Live Active Bacillus Spores, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate, Squalene, Protease Enzymes 60000 HUT. Other ingredients: Gelatin, Ethyl Alcohol, Beeswax, Sunflower Lecithin.
Each bottle supplies 180 large soft gel capsules.

1-2  PrugX elixir —  PrugX causes cancer cells to die from free radical damage as hydrogen peroxide builds up. Has a synergy with BLA and Glutam as they cause a buildup of toxicity in the cancer cells.

1-2  BLA elixir   Causes a lactic acid buildup in the cancer cells which will then attract the OH water into the cancer cell. The rapid change in pH that happens will cause the cell to go into shock and die.

1-2 Glutam elixir — covered in the pH and Cancer section. Prevents the cancer cell from working to neutralize the lactic acid buildup BLA causes so it is the strongest support elixir for BLA.

1-2  PrugX Immune Boost — This elixir keys the immune system to identify cancer cells by the oxidative stress that PrugX causes them to develop — enabling the immune system to better kill these cancer cells. It also works to stop five processes cancer cells use to hide from the immune system, again helping the immune system to better seek out and kill cancer cells.


The more cancer there is, the more aggressive that it is, the worse shape someone is in, the better it is to add in more support. You can do so with the following….

If the body needs more support, with fatigue, weight loss, and overall doing poorly, these next three supplements become important to use.

2-3  CellPro — This is a supercharged medicinal protein powder designed to stimulate health and repair of the body. In addition to organic vegan protein powders, it has ingredients that increase production of nitric oxide which in turn helps drive cell support nutrients into the cells.  People don’t usually die from the actual growths of cancer. They die from the changes cancer causes in the body. CellPro works on preventing and reversing these effects of cancer on the body. And is a strong cancer fighter too.
Ingredients: All Organic Protein Base 7,040mg: Bio-fermented Rice powder 2,640mg, Sprouted Flax seed powder 2,640mg, Hemp Protein Powder 880mg, Bio-fermented Pea Protein 880mg.
Organic U.S. Grown Medicinal Mushrooms 430mg: Cordyceps Sinensis, Lions Mane (Hericium Erinaceus).
Proprietary blend of Nitric oxide precursors 3,310mg: Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine, Beet juice powder, Fenugreek 4:1, Ashwagandha extract 2.5% , Hawthorne berry, Cinnamon powder, Green Tea extract 4:1, Mangosteen extract, Piperine.
Proprietary immune support blend 1,560mg: Pomegranate juice powder, Gotu Kola 4:1, Aloe Vera Extract 10:1, Raspberry Ketones, Turmeric 95% Extract, Hawthorn Berry 2% Extract, Hawthorn Leaf 1.8% Extract, Blueberry 10:1 Extract, Bacopa extract 20% Saponins, Gymnema (25% Gymnemic Acid), Coleus 20% Extract, Mulethi Extract, Garcinia Cambogia 60% HCA, Guggul Extract
Proprietary Digestive Support Blend 1,245mg: Wild crafted Pectin, micronized Zeolite, Aquamin (FOS Prebiotic), Nutraflora
Enzyme and Probiotic blend
Proprietary cleansing and mineral blend 1,415mg: Food grade Diatomaceous Earth, Pyrophylite, Vitamin C, Pascalite, Aulterra

3-4  ESME Version C— This Energized Super Mineral Elixir improves cellular energy as these special minerals get into the cells. It is energized to kill cancer cells. It supports immune system performance. And makes the top list of cancer fighters when cancer is in the lungs as it is especially supportive of lung function.

Ingredients: Structured filtered spring water, One half-dropperfull (25 drops) contains the following: 20 mg magnesium, 15 mg calcium, 15 mg potassium, 14 mg sodium, 120 mg chloride with 80 mg of naturally occurring medicinal and trace minerals.

2 bottles a month of m⋅e⋅t⋅OH energized OH water concentrate covered in the pH and Cancer section    It will detoxify, oxygenate, kill cancer cells, and reduce inflammation, all valuable when fighting cancer. 32 oz. Bottle
OH water concentrate
Proprietary blend of the following herbal extracts:
Yarrow, Hyssop, Red Clover blossom, Burdock, Comfrey, Uva Ursi


Besides the above, to hit the cancer even harder,  add on these other top cancer fighting elixirs. The above supplements are usually more than enough to get the job done, but adding on some or all of the elixirs below can speed up the process, and make it even more sure you’ll get rid of this cancer when it is an aggressive cancer.

1-2  Pineal Gland elixir   —   Optimizes the function of the pineal gland, helping it to better control the immune system, and increases production of melatonin, also a strong cancer fighter. In addition it would tend to reduce inflammation in the guts and throughout the body. 

1-2  SOD Production Boost elixir —  Reduces the production SOD and catalase in cancer cells. SOD and catalase are the most important antioxidant enzymes in the body. By reducing or stopping their production in cancer cells, cancer cells are effected more by the free radical damage caused by some chemotherapies and from the PrugX elixir. This elixir also protects non cancerous cells from free radical damage as it increases production of SOD and Catalase in these cells. This helps to protect them from chemotherapy damage, toxins, and works to reduce inflammation in cells.

1--2  Whole Body Wellness elixir—   This elixir works at the energetic level on removing subconscious negative energies that could be a major cause of cancer. It stimulates subconscious healing energies that support the body and cancer healing too.

1-2  Cellular Healing elixir—  This elixir removes negative energy from cells and stimulates cells to reproduce correctly. This action can stop cancer cell reproduction and supports overall health and wellbeing.

1-2  GlioX elixir —  Has instructions that work to prevent the use of some strategies cancer cells use to survive. Strategies they use to hide from the immune system, to become more aggressive, and to repair themselves. GlioX also helps Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ to work even better. GlioX becomes one of the more important elixirs to use when cancer is in the brain.

To support the lymph system so that it can better handle the removal of dead cancer cells, or to reduce tumor size more rapidly, it is always good to use….

3-5  Nano Red — This liquid herbal formula clears lymph nodes as it works to keep the lymph system flowing. Herbs in it also work to reduce tumor size more quickly. 

3-6  Red 65  —  The hirudin extract in Red 65 was meant to clean the blood, but it also does a good job of digesting tumors and dead cancer cells too, when taken on an empty stomach. 
100 Tablets per bottle.
Ingredients: (Per 2 Tablets) Natural Leech Powder 240 mg, Hirudin Extract 120 a-tu, Proprietary Blend 1160 mg: Soy Bean Oligopeptide Powder, Lecithin, Spirulina, Ginko Biloba Leaf Powder, Gynostemma PE, Astragalus Powder, FOS, Chitosan Powder.
Other ingredients: Di Tab, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Solutab,
Contains Soy

To directly attack a tumor close to the surface of the skin, use…. 

2-3  AlkalOH gel —  4 ounce bottle  Supplies an OH water concentrate in a gel form mixed with DMSO and other ingredients. Put this on the skin over a tumor. The DMSO will carry the OH water into the tumor where it will alkalize the cancer cells. BLA works exceptionally well with AlkalOH. Put this on 9 to 12 times a day. The OH water in it will go into the tumor, and the tumor will swell up for a couple of months when you are using it at these high doses.

If chemotherapy is being used, the liver needs more support so that it can eliminate the chemo toxins when it is supposed to do so. This way the chemo toxins do not build up in the body, and side effects of the chemotherapy is much less. 
Ingredients Water, Proprietary High Alkaline Blend, DMSO, Xanthan Gum, essential oils of Angelica Root, Cedar Wood, Fir Needle, Frankincense, Pine Needle, Spruce, and Lemon.
For External Use Only

1-2 Liver Strength  — Clears detox pathways in the liver. Supports both the liver and immune system. Also clears pathways in the brain so that the brain can better control the immune system. Works in synergy with Optimal Immune 2.
360 softgels
Ingredients: Fermented Green Extract Calcium Blend (Alfalfa Sprout, Barley Grass, Broccoli Sprout, Bok Choy, Kale, Spinach), Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate, Beet Extract, Liquid Chlorophyl Extract, Phytavail Zinc, Acerola Cherry Extract, Sea Minerals, Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Oxide, Borage Oil, Bacillus Spores.
Other ingredients: Gelatin, Ethyl Alcohol, Beeswax, Sunflower Lecithin

1-2   Nymsar elixir —  Supplies energies to support liver and kidney function. In addition it reduces inflammation as it calms down the inflammatory response of the immune system. Works synergistically with Optimal Immune 2.

1-2  Liver Detox Pathways elixir — Optimizes function of both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the detoxification pathways in the liver.  Helping the liver to better deal with toxins.

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